You wanted to know why running is great for weight loss? Humans, just like most animals, have the ability to run. In fact, our forefathers ran to hunt for food and for survival. As time passed and technology advanced, we had less need to run but we still should do it.


Why should you start running now? Running is a fantastic way of burning calories. It is also effective in raising your metabolism and shedding those stubborn fat deposits.

You want to know a more detailed list of why running is great for weight loss? Here is a list of benefits to keep you motivation.

Benefits of Running

Running creates an “After Burn” effect

You shed some sweat. That’s great. You were able to burn some calories. That’s great also. But what you didn’t know is that running actually helps you continue to burn calories for hours after your workout ends. This is also known as EPOC or excess post oxygen consumption.

Running improves your health

If you think you are in the beginning stages of diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure, your overall help will improve over time when you run.

Running helps you burn more calories than other cardio exercises

Research shows that stationary bikes, cross country machines, cross country ski machines, elliptical machines and stair steppers are no match when it comes to the calories burned when you are run.

Running is good for your mental health

Running also helps relieve stress and prevents depression which helps keep you away from stress eating or emotional eating. It also helps you improve your memory and keep you mentally alert.

Last but not the least…

Running helps boost your self-confidence

Shedding off calories have an immediate effect on your confidence. You can get a better stamina. You will feel stronger and less breathless when you run.


Here are just some of the many benefits of running. Why is running great for weight loss again? There are just too many reasons why!