When you were younger you might have never given yoga a thought.  But the older you got older and wanted to destress and increase flexibility you might have started thinking about it.  Yoga is one of the ways that you can exercise without stressing your body with too much pain and pressure. Yoga may not have been known as the most desired weight loss workout ever but it has proven itself over the course of time. If you have been having second thoughts about enrolling in a yoga class or joining your friends who have been taking yoga, let us take a quick history trip and see

The History of Yoga

Since ancient times, Yoga has been practiced for its many physical and mental benefits. The advantages of utilizing Yoga in your life have been studied and perfected for many years and it can work for you, whether young or old – ill or in good health.

Yoga is said to be as old as civilizations itself, but written history classifies it into four periods of time – the Vedic, Pre-Classical, Classical and Post Classical. Yoga’s rich tradition of healing can be traced back to stone seals dated around 3000 B.C., but scholars believe that Yoga was around even during the Stone Age period when Shamanism was practiced. Today, many are turning to Hatha Yoga as a way to prevent damage that aging can cause. Today, we are just learning about the benefits that practicing Yoga can bring to a society plagued by diseases and ill health.   So Yoga has able to stand the test of time and is still being practiced today!

Let’s now take a look at why is yoga so good for you.

Why Is Yoga So Good for You and Your Health?

The body and mind can be renewed by the stretching and deep breathing involved and because it’s low impact  it can be done with less risk to injuries or to worsen an existing illness. Aside from that, here are a few other benefits that you can get if you choose to engage in yoga.

Improve Flexibility

A misconception that people have about Yoga is that you have to be flexible to practice it. That’s not true – your muscles and joints will improve by leaps and bounds when you practice Yoga for health.  Keeping flexible is so important as you age to keep you active.

Build Muscles

If you think that only weight training can build muscles, you’re wrong. Yoga can help strengthen and build muscles by positioning your body in positions that make you support your own body weight.

Ease Back Pain

Restorative Yoga poses can counteract the damage that a sedentary life brings and make a big difference in the quality of your life. Beginner Yoga poses that are great to relieve back pain are Cat/Cow, Downward Dog and Spinal Twist.

Muscular/Skeletal Restoration

The simple, but restorative stretching exercises and poses of Yoga help the muscular/skeletal system receive the oxygen and nutrients they need by helping the blood flow. Practicing Yoga keeps us move fluidly and gracefully.

Strengthen Spine

To maintain proper spine alignment you need to have flexibility and balance. Yoga can help the spine by helping develop the flexibility and balance you need to keep the spine straight and to strengthen it.

10 Reasons Why Yoga Is So Good For You

Digestion and Elimination

Many Yoga poses are perfect to relieve cramping and bloating and to stimulate the intestinal tract that leads to better elimination. Yoga poses such as Cobra and the Bent Elbow Spinal Twist can also increase the blood flow to your intestinal tract, calming the system and helping it operate more efficiently.

Boosts Immune System

Priming your immune system for better health is important to fend off colds and flu and other, more serious diseases. Yoga can boost your immune system by increasing circulation of the lymph – a clear fluid that helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Why Is Yoga So Good for You and Your Mental Health

Aside from the health benefits of Yoga that are mentioned above, the poses, meditation, deep-breathing and stretching can also help your mental well-being. Increased body awareness, relief of chronic stress and relaxation are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you begin the practice of Yoga.

  • Sharper Concentration
  • Relieves Stress
  • Relieves Muscle Strain

Whether you’re six or sixty – or beyond, Yoga can enhance your life, both mentally and physically. A child can benefit from Yoga’s self-discipline and mental and physical dexterity. A senior citizen can benefit from the increased mobility, improved concentration and memory and much more. Practicing Yoga regularly will naturally improve every aspect of the functioning of your body and mind.

As you learn and grow from your Yoga experience, you’ll find a difference when you look in the mirror and when you move your body. The new flexibility you’ll enjoy can be obtained by practicing stretching exercises for a few moments a day.  Just pull out your yoga mat, pop in a yoga dvd and you’re ready to go.

After some time of practicing Yoga, most people say that they have a new attitude and a new appreciation of life. Yoga as an exercise is nearly perfect – and Yoga as a stress reliever and mind relaxer can slow down the ravages of time as we age and help every aspect of our mental concentration and well-being. Enter the practice of Yoga with an open mind and experience why yoga is so good for you.