Choosing a fresh salad with raw, plant-based, whole food ingredients over a drive-through cheeseburger, large fry and fountain soda can be tough. Honestly, though, that is only because you have programmed your mind, your taste buds and your body to live on processed foods and fast foods. Those unhealthy but convenient foods are not the path to health, and especially weight loss, and you know it.

The good news is, once you cleanse and detoxify your body of the impurities, toxins, poisons and negative effects of the bad food you have been eating for so long, you begin to crave healthy food. In the beginning of switching to plant-based whole foods, things can be a little trying. Follow these proven tips for starting a plant-based, whole foods diet for weight loss, and your success is virtually guaranteed.

1 – When you can’t decide what to eat, a salad is the go-to whole foods choice. You can put virtually any type of plant-based, whole food into a salad for a nutritious, delicious meal that satisfies you. Remember, whole foods eaten raw are much healthier and more nutritious for you than cooked foods. So whip together a quick and simple salad the next time you can’t decide what whole foods meal to make.

2 – Don’t beat yourself up when you slip. You probably have been eating unhealthy foods for a long time. That means your daily habits, your taste buds, and other factors are leading the charge for choosing unhealthy processed foods over plant-based whole foods. A little backpedaling is going to happen, especially in the beginning of your transformation. Don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Just start again on your next meal with plant-based whole foods.


3 – Weight loss can come quickly with this healthy eating approach. However, don’t expect miracle results. Given time, you can shed literally any amount of unhealthy fat and excess body weight. The key here is the term “given time”. Some report instant weight loss once they choose plant-based whole foods. For others, that weight loss may take time. Just remember that you are going to get to your weight loss goal, as long as you stick to this healthy eating plan.

4 – Experiment, experiment, experiment. Sure, there are some great recipes out there for making wonderfully delicious whole food meals and entrées. Just don’t forget that no two people are alike. You may find that you need to tweak a plant-based, whole foods recipe to make it taste amazing to you. Remember, when the food you are eating tastes incredible, it is easier to stick to any type of diet plan. Experiment in your whole foods kitchen to create mouthwatering, nutritious, plant-based recipes that you look forward to eating.

5 – Get your Fiber.  Plant-based foods are great for weight loss for another fiber-related reason. When fiber passes through your body as waste, it reaches out and “grabs” toxins, poisons and other waste products. It clings to these unhealthy chemicals, helping detox and cleanse your body, and removing unwanted weight.

As long as you stick to this healthy, as well as nutritious and delicious, diet, you will lose weight. Once you reach a healthy body weight, continuing on this healthy nutrition path makes it easy to stay at your target weight. As a wonderful side benefit, your overall health and wellness also improve.