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Author: losethebodyfat

Best Low Impact Exercise Equipment

Low impact exercises are exercise routines that help you lose weight and have an active lifestyle without too much stress on your body. There are lots of low impact exercise equipment available on the market today. The equipment...

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Low Impact Exercise for Weight Loss

If you’re on the journey to weight loss, then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of high intensity training. It is proven to be effective and people are widely embracing it but as we all know, there’s no one size fits all when it...

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3 Ways to Use Ginger in Your Diet

3 Ways to Use Ginger in Your Diet   Ginger saved me during my pregnancy.  Ugh I had the worse nausea during the first trimester and drank a ton of ginger tea.  Ginger is one of the many superfoods. There have been lots of...

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