Exercise. This word somehow has the power to make people laugh or just simply shrug. This happens most of the time despite the fact that they know that exercise in needed in order to attain weight loss.

Weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet plus exercise. Again, that is healthy diet PLUS exercise. It’s ninety percent diet and ten percent exercise.

15 Reasons to Exercise

Here are 15 reasons to exercise so you can be reminded of the good things that exercise can do to your body.

Exercise boosts brain power.

– Exercise stimulates serotonin production that helps in mental clarity

Exercise melts stress

– When you exercise, your mood lightens up and helps prevent depression

Exercise prevents diseases

– These are the known diseases that can be avoided when you do exercise regularly: heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, stroke and high blood pressure. These are definitely good reasons to exercise. What do you think?

Improves energy

– Exercise stimulates the release o endorphins that increase energy levels throughout the day

Exercise delays aging

– Yes! This is true! There are lots of news lately about elder people who are still physically active doing marathons and gym sessions!

Exercise allows you to eat more

– You usually feel hungry after doing some exercise. The good thing is you are conscious on eating the right food to keep your diet.

Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease

– Cardio exercises keep your heart healthy, which is one of the many reasons to exercise.

Weight loss

-Exercise burns unwanted fat. Need I say more?

Exercise makes you look even more beautiful

– Regular exercise gives you a vibrant, glowing look.

Exercise prevents age-related loss of strength and muscle mass

– Yep. Exercise helps keep your muscles toned.

Improves sleep

– This is true especially when you do your exercises later in the day

Exercise helps boost your everyday performance

– More exercise means more lean muscles

Improves stamina

– This applies to physical and mental toughness. When you exercise, you are stronger physically and more focused mentally

Better posture

– Of course! Exercise helps correct your posture especially when you spent the whole day sitting on a chair

Improved endurance

– Improved muscles and posture. Perfect!

There are many excuses you can think of just to say no to exercise. But do yourself a favor. Print this infographic and post it somewhere you can see all day. No more excuses. There are lots of great reasons to exercise. Don’t let these excuses get in the way.